"...Golden voice!"

-  The Tenors


"A great voice, imbued with authenticity..."

- Norm Nelson,


"His deep voice and interpretation transpires all the feelings fado carries..."

- Isabel Ricardo. CHIN Radio  

Photo By: Ricardo Quintas

Paulo Filipe Biografia Portuguesa

Born in Toronto, Canada, Paulo Filipe immersed himself into the Portuguese culture and traditions and discovered more about the melancholic tunes of Fado and Folklore, when he re-located to Portugal with his parents at the tender age of 8. Though young, his passion for Fado began and later, he would discover that he could only understand himself and live a fulfilled life as an artist through the very art of Fado. 

His professional career began in 2006 when he participated in a well known Portuguese community project through Venus Creations known as “Amor de Artista”. Since then, things have been extremely successful for Paulo. 


At the age of twelve he returned to Toronto and came to understand that his heart and life belonged there. Living with his paternal grandparents, he spent much time listening to old Fado records by Carlos Ramos, Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Farinha, Maria Teresa de Noronha and many others. Even more powerful for Paulo, was listening to his very own grandfather Alfredo sing and interpret the beauty of Fado. 


Paulo’s first national exposure in 2006 was on the Portuguese television program “Atlântida”. This is a program on RTP which broadcasts live from Portas da Cidade in Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel. Immediately, his performance, romantic tone of voice, and attractive profile, sparked media attention and interest in the communities in the Diaspora. He was invited to perform with major recording Fado artists such as Ana Moura, Raquel Tavares, Jorge Fernando, Anita Guerreiro, Joana Amendoeira, Alexandra, Mafalda Arnauth, Lenita Gentil, Marco Rodrigues, Marco Oliveira, Rodrigo and many others. Later that year, he recorded his first music video to further help broaden his horizons and promote his love and passion for Fado.


In 2008, Paulo released his first studio album entitled “Lençóis de Fado”. The album consists of 8 traditional Fado melodies and 2 original compositions. After 6 years, Filipe released his second album 'Caminho de Rimas'.  An album recorded in Lisbon with some of the most prestigious musicians with a true taste of Traditional Fado. In 2015, Paulo was recognized and nominated by the International Portuguese Music Awards for 'Best Fado Performer' and 'Best Music Video' for the video 'P'ra Me Livrar da Saudade'.


Fado is the urban song of Lisbon and truly is the “soul” of Portugal. It comes from the Latin word "fatum" which means “fate” or “destiny.” It is often referred to as the “Portuguese Blues”. Though a difficult art to define, Paulo himself states that, “Fado is the expression of the Portuguese people and is a feeling that resides in the darkest part of our souls and only reveals itself through song. It is a bridge that connects our souls with no language barrier”. 


Paulo has performed in various venues, television programs and radio stations across North America, Portugal and the Diaspora. Due to his ability to sing, communicate in many languages and his knowledge about the history of Fado, he's performed in many cultural and artistic events such as Luminato, Toronto International Portuguese Film Festival, Small World Music, Carabram, Rogers Canadian Ethnic Media Awards, Proud to be Portuguese Canadian, Carassauga and had the privilege of singing for the Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto, all the South American Consulates and the ex-president of the Regional Government of the Portuguese autonomous region of Azores, Carlos César and the First Lady. 


The success he has gained, passion and knowledge of his art and his continued dedication to achieve even more, proves for Paulo that it is only through Fado, that he breathes and lives.


Folclore (Single)
Quando se Gosta de Alguém (Single)
Que Fazes Aí Lisboa
Por Um Dia (com Soraia Mejdoubi)
No Despertar da Saudade
Nights In White Satin
Pra Me Livrar da Saudade


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